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haiku – 49


“Every man is an island” – but the island come together and unify, they create continents.

Appreciate the people in your life, the objects surrounding you; they appeared in your life for a reason, and whatever it may be, it should always be considered an opportunity to grow, learn, improve.

Some things and people in your life will stay, some others will go, some will be recurrent. Look beyond appearances.


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haiku – 48


✨ Someone whistling the song running through your head?

✨ Got to work on time in spite of the traffic?

✨ Received praise for something that you consider routine?

✨ Breakfast in bed? 

✨ Rainbow outside?

✨ Your business got a new investor?

✨ Cheesecake on the menu at the cafeteria? 

🦋 Do not ignore or diminish these moments.

🦋 Take them and transform them into something massive, tremendous, gargantuan. 

🦋 The sun will shine brighter, the sparrows will trill vividly, the grass will seem greener and something in your soul will exponentially bloom exploding fireworks of motivation, bliss and harmony.


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haiku – 47


Apart from seizing the opportunities and strongly and constantly believing in your goal and dreams, sometimes it is also about being organised: 

– create your plan a day before and visualise the accomplishment of every step of it

– start the day by revising the plan with the determination to thick everything on the list

– enjoy the unfolding of the day, remembering to motivate yourself as everything you do brings you a step closer to completion

– stick to the plan, or adapt – but complete it    

– end the day with a smile, gratitude and harmony


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haiku – 46


…how passionate you are about it

…how much you missed it

…theamount of gratitude for having it

…the emptiness of life without it

…what truly matters

…what makes you happy

…of your true calling


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haiku – 45


✨ Read, learn, teach, keep your intellect challenged. 

✨ Create, imagine, build, keep your imagination active.

✨ Dream, motivate yourself, remember, keep your soul alive.


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haiku – 44


✨ Do not lose your dream, your goal, your purpose. Motivate and organise yourself to achieve it. Create, invent, fight, but do not make it a burden.

Relax – read the book, watch the movie, take the walk, reconnect more and more with yourself. Your passions and interests define you.

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haiku – 43


✨ Most of the moments are a state of mind – reflecting your current attitude and thoughts. 

✨ Your state of mind is a magnet and a mirror – it attracts and reflects. It attracts similar events and it interprets similar events changing the perspective from an objective one to a subjective one – identical to the one experienced at the moment.

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haiku – 42


✨ Because sometimes plans and situations seem out of control; but it is your mindset, your determination, your perspective and your attitude adjusting the intensity of the wind…


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haiku – 41


🦋 Create daily mantras – repeat them with belief until they become part of yourself, your inner thoughts, your existence.
Remember to remember your belief every moment of every day, and you will become your purpose. 🦋

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haiku – 40


🦋 Find the different perspectives in  the events of your life: everything is relative – what seems to be negative is a lesson of positive perspective, signs and different points of view. 

🦋 Educate yourself and remember to wear the positive glasses when perceiving things or events – it will change your attitude on life…