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haiku – 18


Consider yourself one Pavlov’s experiments:

Train your soul, your mind, your brain to be grateful, and you will hear bells everywhere…

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haiku – 17


It is all about perspectives: if you chose to see the life through positive lenses, life itself will become positive, and all its aspects will shine in the colours of the rainbow.

By choosing the positive aspects of life, you eliminate all the other possible emotional spectrum. 

It does not mean they will not exist anymore, or that you will be in denial or that negative moments will never happen again; it only means that you chose to perceive them from the opposite perspective.

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haiku – 16


Your dreams are the representation of your inner You; they are tailored to your mind and soul and – when you make them true – your way of expressing your self. 

Making your dreams come true is like offering the world a glimpse of your soul and retrieving the missing pieces of yourself, at the same time.

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haiku – 10


Your life is a poem; every breath, blink, smile, feeling, action, happiness or sadness is a word, rhyme or line added to it; and it is your attitude and perspective creating it.

You have the power over your own words, meanings and verses – write an amazing one!..

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haiku – 9


Read the signs whenever, wherever. You will discover messages everywhere, in the small, apparently most natural and insignificant details – leading the way in your pursuit of discovering yourself and fulfilling your dreams…

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haiku – 8


The Domino effect:

* determine the life of your dreams – accurately.

* live it in your imagination and belief, as if it was real.

* all sort of expected or surprising moral actions and opportunities will arise to make it happen – take them.

* your life will become a continuum of happenings aiming for the same goal – do not panic.

* enjoy transforming your dreams in realities…

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haiku – 7


Remember to relax; practice it.

Life is more than daily responsibilities, schedules, meetings, the work-home route… Life is also happiness, joy, sunlight, smiles, meditation, calmness, mindfulness…

Remember to remember it!…

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haiku – 6


Haiku-mantra; to be reminded and repeated daily until the words, concepts and belief become Reality; Your reality…

Caught up in the everyday responsibilities, I often found myself having forgotten to exercise my thinking into positiveness, dreams and motivation; sometimes I was even forgetting to drink water. I have surrounded myself with reminders that bring sunshine in my thoughts, moonlight in my eyes and enlighten my soul. 

Haiku – 6 is meant to radiate sunlight; pay it forward!…

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haiku – 5


Stardust, fairy dust, universe dust – we are all interconnected, all alike in our uniqueness, all ‘’particles of Life’’.

And just like the layers of generations of ancestors, together with past and present background are imprinted within ourselves, manifesting through us, so are we, manifesting them on the outside.

To/ From macro-level, we manifest the Universe and the Universe manifests through us. 

Giving and Receiving. Gratitude.