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haiku – 19


We all are Supermen and Wonder Women – I feel it when I experience Harmony – the feeling of the inner peace, colours, I am sunshine, and moonbeams and stars, and the Milky Way and the Galaxy and the Universe expanding in my soul. I feel intangible, indestructible, omnipotent. I am the Energy itself.

Then I feel fugitive clouds of my own kryptonite darkening my skies: it is the paralysing fear that I might lose it all, and never find it again; but I fight it with more sunshine, moonbeams and stars, and energy and dreams, and determination. And I win. And my soul smiles again and everything surrounding me smiles back… 

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haiku – 17


It is all about perspectives: if you chose to see the life through positive lenses, life itself will become positive, and all its aspects will shine in the colours of the rainbow.

By choosing the positive aspects of life, you eliminate all the other possible emotional spectrum. 

It does not mean they will not exist anymore, or that you will be in denial or that negative moments will never happen again; it only means that you chose to perceive them from the opposite perspective.

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haiku – 16


Your dreams are the representation of your inner You; they are tailored to your mind and soul and – when you make them true – your way of expressing your self. 

Making your dreams come true is like offering the world a glimpse of your soul and retrieving the missing pieces of yourself, at the same time.

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haiku – 13


Finding moments or details to write down on your gratitude journal will develop your habit of perceiving and enjoying positive perspectives on life. 

It is like squeezing the day to create a happiness lemonade and discovering that your “lemon” never dries…

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haiku – 11


Continue your journey – maybe your doubts and hesitations are the fear of achieving your goals and dreams. 

Sometimes we sabotage ourselves by thinking that we are not worthy of happiness, that having tasted it, we might lose it, or that we might be left without a dream to fulfil – a purpose in life. 

Fly through life from a dream to another – absorb their reality and create new purposes…

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

(R. Frost – The Road Not Taken)